How does your senior loved one react when you mention the words Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Do they have the look of cluelessness or excitement? These applications have been doing most of us a great favor especially in connecting with others. However, our senior loved ones may have a hard time engaging in activities that involve technology.

Well, here’s something interesting that might inspire you to influence your loved one towards using present technology. The Sun Herald featured a UCLA study showing that seniors who make use of Google search engines have their brain’s key centers triggered. And as your partner of providing exceptional home health care in Glassboro, New Jersey, we say that this is helpful information for us to find affirmation that technology can be a senior’s friend.

Consider the following data from the UCLA study:

Brain Stimulation

Researchers have found that middle-aged and older adult participants who made use of search engines had shown reactions with activities related to the function of their brain’s key center. This is the part of the brain where reasoning and decision-making take place. Researchers observed that when seniors search up for something, their brain is stimulated to function more effectively and efficiently.

Brain Exercise

In relation to brain-stimulating activities, the more engaged the brain is to the online activities they are doing, the more mental exercises can they perform. When there’s frequent activity in a senior’s brain, they preserve their cognitive functioning, leading to reduced forgetfulness, and lowering the risks for dementia.

Mind Engagement

Technology offers different activities to keep seniors busy as well as entertained. When they are hooked to what they’re watching or learning online, their mind is more engaged, and they will be motivated to keep on using the present technology. Our home health aides in Washington Township, New Jersey can also assist you in maintaining safe practices when it comes to your online dealings.

Educational Options

Since the internet is now very much accessible through mobile devices, seniors have even more opportunities to get online. Gladly though, there are many apps and programs that provide educational portals for seniors, which can be very essential for their overall wellbeing.

Additional Learning

Our senior loved ones also benefit a great deal from the experience of learning new things. Using social media accounts can be a good opportunity for them to gain new experiences and to connect with loved ones. When they are constantly learning something new, their risk for dementia is reduced and their memory skills greatly improve.

When a senior is in need of professional providers of personal care solutions in Gloucester County, New Jersey, remember that we are here for you.

So, is technology beneficial to seniors? We say it is. For more information on Brain Health for Seniors and other services we offer, contact us today!