When a person reaches the aging season, one of the essential factors that get easily affected is the memory. Aging triggers the decline of the connection between neuron to neuron, which plays a primary role in brain communication and memory preservation.

Thankfully, however, this risk can be prevented, or slowed down, through brain-boosting activities. Here are some of our tips:

Play Brain-boosting Games

The more often that the brain functions, the more it can be exercised, helping the neurons to connect with each other, thus improving memory. This functionality happens when the brain cells continually work through thinking and analysis. To achieve this, senior-friendly entertainment activities, such as playing jigsaw puzzles or scrabble can be very helpful in boosting a senior person’s memory. When staying at home alone, a home health aide in Washington Township, New Jersey can provide this companionship and presence in playing.

Eat Brain-Boosting Food

Seniors also need to eat foods that contain nutrients to enhance brain power and memory. Fatty fishes come first on the list because of their omega-3 fatty acids. These acids have been found to prevent the onset of or delay dementia. Aside from fatty fishes such as tuna, fruits and vegetables also need to be served daily.

Meet with Other People

The opportunity to be with other people can be less experienced among our senior loved ones due to their mobility challenges. Their times spent alone mean they have reduced the opportunity to engage in worthwhile conversations, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness. These situations don’t do much in polishing a senior person’s brain. If you can take your aging loved one out regularly, do so and let them enjoy the company of others – especially fellow seniors.

Organize Your Things

When a provider of personal care solutions in Gloucester County, New Jersey helps you out at home, the housekeeping tasks can be managed. However, seniors also need to practice maintaining order at home as this can be effective in clearing their mind, which promotes better thinking and improved memory.

Sleep Well

Definitely, getting the right amount of sleep especially in the aging years helps a senior person attain good memory. The ideal number of time for seniors is about 7-9 undisturbed hours. For many seniors, this is not possible. So when they need to take a nap, encourage them. Also, sleeping difficulty can be a sign of another major problem. When they are having this difficulty, find ways to provide intervention.

To help you preserve the overall well-being of your aging loved ones, our team at Care Right There LLC is here to support them and their activities. When you need assistance especially in terms of home health care in Glassboro, New Jersey, we have highly skilled staff to carry out the tasks. You can trust that we will provide quality services that your loved one deserves.

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