Transition/Post Surgical Care

The Post-Surgical Patient Transitioning Home

The post-surgical patient requires regular observation and care in the critical days and weeks following a hospital discharge. This is not only critical to the healing process but to insure re-admission to the hospital does not occur. While a friend or family member may have the best intentions when deciding to provide caregiving services for a loved one, the burden is often too great for the untrained caregiver. Home care agencies like Care Right There have professional, trained, compassionate caregivers available to provide post-hospitalization care. We pride ourselves in being able to provide expert planning and coordination to help you loved one transition from the hospital to begin recovery at home.

Care Right There is able to provide appropriate care and in-home support services when you require it. All our services are developed with the flexibility to adapt as your independence and ability to function unaided improves.

Some of the tasks we can assist you with include:

  • Intensive support following illness or injury
  • Transport assistance
  • Domestic support
  • Personal care

From your first contact with Geneva Healthcare, we will discuss the type of support you require and will then arrange a Co-ordinator to either come to your home or call to complete an individual service delivery plan fits in with the natural care that is already provided by family and those living in the home with them. From here, a caregiver or nurse will be allocated to you and will start providing your care.

Our team of caregivers and health care professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in helping people after surgery and rehabilitation. They will come into your home to provide care and assistance that is specific to your requirements.

We tailor our services to your unique needs!

How Transition Works

  • Guidance through the discharge process, providing a seamless transition home and promoting effective rehabilitation at home.
  • A consultation and personalized Care Plan developed over the telephone or in person, based on your preference.
  • An expertly trained caregiver who will meet you and your family in the hospital, in the facility or at home to support the critical initial transition.
  • Support with home safety needs, including recommendations about equipment and home safety modifications to support your recovery.
  • Device, Electronic or Internet Portal application awareness and education upon request.
  • Ongoing support with errands, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, housekeeping and other physical activities that may be too challenging for a recently discharged patient.
  • Physical assistance with activities of daily living including bathing, grooming, feeding, mobility, transferring based on what is required by the patient and ordered by the doctor.
  • Meal preparation based on your loved ones specific dietary needs. Our emphasis is on a healthy, balanced nutrition and regular caloric intake in line with the physician’s recommendations.
  • Medication reminders, where necessary, assistance with therapy regiment, rehabilitation exercise prompts, physical and emotional support and companionship throughout the recovery process.
  • Transportation to rehabilitation sessions, doctor appointments and personal events.
  • Access to the Family Portal so that your loved ones are ALWAYS up to date on the status of you or your loved one’s care. Access can be given to a physician or anyone designated to have viewing authority.

The first 72 hours at home are critical for post-hospitalization patients. The patient and family must make lifestyle adjustments no matter how comprehensive the discharge plan may be. The patient often feels fatigued and family members can feel confused or helpless.

Our caregivers are here to help manage the transition and help you on the path toward a successful recovery in the comfort of home.