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Sitter Services & Respite Care

Respite Care in South JerseyAs your mom or dad’s caregiver, do you feel like you could use a break from time to time? Burnout from Caregiving is REAL and it is absolutely possible that if you don’t get enough rest, you too could get sick.

To avoid getting sick or caregiver burn out, Care Right There LLC offers family members the option to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving duties. Our Sitter Services and Respite Care programs involve short-term care that can last overnight, over the weekend or for a few days. This will give you enough time to get some rest or run important errands.

You can even go on vacation and return home more energized, well-rested and ready to resume your caregiving tasks for a loved one.

What is respite care?

Being a primary caregiver for a loved one can sometimes make us feel like we could use a break here and there, after all, it’s a 24-hour job! Burnout from caregiving is a real thing, and making certain that YOU get enough rest and have the time to take care of your own needs, is key in ensuring that you can provide good care. Respite care and sitter services from Care Right There provide short term relief to primary caregivers. Hiring a home health agency in South Jersey, can help alleviate the pressures and stress that come along with caregiving.

Respite care can be as short or as long as you need it to be. Care Right There can provide an aide to come to your home or even work with you or your loved ones in a facility. Those who need care and those who provide care alike, can feel isolated at times and hiring a home health agency in South Jersey can be a welcomed experience for both of you. We offer the convenience of sending someone to your home to help you and your loved one complete the tasks of the day. Whether it’s as simple as helping your loved one get around the house, or requires more hands-on care like help with bathing, dressing, or taking medications, Care Right There is here to help.

All of our aides are trained and certified in the state of New Jersey. They undergo background checks, complete required annual training, and are supervised consistently by our head nurse on staff.

Please Call Care Right There LLC at 856-244-7722 to learn more about our services.