south-jersey-senior-care-companions-hha-companionshipCare Right There LLC brings a unique approach to a full range of companion and personal care services for seniors and other adults who require assistance with day-to-day living, allowing them to remain independent and at home as long as possible. Whether it’s a game of cards, reading together or just spending time talking, our caregivers offer caring companionship in South Jersey.

Our South Jersey Companion Care is available for as little as an hour, up to a full 24-hour period. Our NJ caregivers can assist in many ways, from simply talking with your loved one to help them stay sharp and engaged, to taking them out of the house to church, a family function, or the doctor. They can even provide transportation to and from appointments or any social activities.

South Jersey Fall Prevention HelpFalling is the leading cause of injury in adults over the age of 65. Injuries from falling may not be noticeable at first, but failure to recognize symptoms can be potentially fatal. Our team of trained caregivers offer mobility assistance with fall prevention help providing aid transferring, positioning, ambulation and other range of motion activities. We help you or your loved one stay as active as possible.

Most falls happen because of loss of balance.  Caregivers focus on reducing the risk of injury and frequency of falls to encourage safe, independent at-home living. Fall Prevention Awareness can save lives and increase quality of life. If you or someone you care about suffers from falls or is a fall risk, don’t risk life altering injuries.

South Jersey Personal Care ServicesWhether as part of a daily or weekly routine, or while recovering after a hospital stay or illness, many seniors find that they could use an extra hand for some of life’s daily tasks. To accomplish this, we offer a wide array of non-medical personal care services to assist clients with almost every aspect of their lives.

Personal care is available on an hourly basis or as part of a live-in plan, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Care Right There offers personal care assistance including help with bathing, transferring in/out of shower, food prep, dressing, denture care and bathroom assistance. To ensure that only the best providers become part of our care team we have established stringent selection criteria for senior helpers.

South Jersey Post Surgery Care HelpThe first 24 hours after surgery are a crucial window of time for the healing process. Oftentimes, doctors discharge patients from hospitals with the recommendation that they obtain assisted care at home. Care Right There has professionally trained and compassionate caregivers available to provide post-hospitalization care.

Our South Jersey Post-Surgical Caregivers can be there to ensure that you or your loved one heals as quickly as possible. Care Right There is especially suited to help you get settled at home and make sure you have all the care, supplies, transportation, meals, medication and support post-surgery to help you feel comfortable so you can focus on healing.

South Jersey Respite Care Sitter ServicesIf you are caring for a loved one, you also need to take care of yourself. Everyone needs a break to “recharge”, we provide respite care to give you that break. You will know you are leaving your loved one in good hands with our competent caregivers.

Respite Care can take many different forms, including a few hours a week to provide a quick break or an overnight stay to help you get the rest you need as a caregiver. When you are in need of additional help that you just can’t provide alone, Care Right There is here to help. Being a caregiver is a very difficult task and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Respite care relief is tailored to fit your schedule and needs, promoting life balance and compassionate care.

South Jersey Skilled Care HelpWhen the elderly, injured, or sick can be cared for in the comfort of their own home instead of a hospital or other medical facility, skilled care services help ease their stress. Whether aiding with recovery or managing a chronic illness, Care Right There can help individuals achieve their optimal levels of health wherever they call home.

We help accomplish this by ensuring safe and smooth transitions home from hospital stays and providing professional skilled nursing and therapies, including attention to medication management and fall prevention. Care Right There has nurses who specialize in providing care at home for house-bound patients.

South Jersey Veterans Care SupportOur Veteran Care Support assists veterans through a variety of different programs, including providing assistance at VA Hospitals to helping service members returning from deployment needing help. Prior to making a decision to purchase home healthcare we help Veterans and their families understand what VA programs exist and if they are legally qualified for the various VA programs that are currently offered.

Care Right There helps to assist veterans who protected our freedom to stay in their homes and live with dignity. We hold those who have served our country in the deepest regard, and it is our privilege to serve them in return. For those that have served during active wartime and their surviving spouses, we work directly with the AVCC.